How Do System Administrators Drying Their Boots

Spring 2013 has an awfully slow start in Europe. It is the middle of the March here and the Winter is holding its positions like the soldiers of Finland during the Winter war of 1939.

For the first half of the month it was 20 — 27 degrees below zero centigrade almost every morning. Though, the sun is climbing higher and higher every day, so the air was warming up pushing thermometer closer to the minus fifteen of even ten degrees centigrade in the second half of the day.

Today, on March 16, the temperature climbed as high as zero bringing a heavy snowstorm along the way. The whole city is covered in about 40 centimeters of fresh snow.

Aftermath of the March 16, 2013 blizzard in Yaroslavl, Russia

Russian cities aren't the cleanest places on Earth, but when the snow falls, it hides all the dirt for some time, covers it with thick white blanket. However, if you are an early bird, chances are you ought to be you own snowplow on the way to the office. A lot of sidewalks won't be cleaned till the noon or even later.

Fortunately, the wet boots are not a problem if you are a system administrator and have an access to all the beeping and buzzing stuff in the office.

My colleague is drying his boots with a pair of old LGA775 CPU fans. Click the picture to see his ingenuity in Full HD

This is how my colleague dries his boots with a pair of fans recycled from the retired LGA775 CPU coolers. And yes, they are powered by the power supply unit of his desktop PC at which he is working right now.